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How To Select Correct ISO Consultant

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Well, there is simply NO COMPARISON ! Congratulations on your decision to go for ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / HACCCP ISO 22000 / ISO 27001 / SA 8000 / ISO 20000 / ISO 17025 management system implementation and certification. We appreciate your initiative to implement and get certified to a globally recognized, respected and accepted management system like ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / HACCCP ISO 22000 / ISO 27001 / SA 8000 / ISO 20000 / ISO 17025.

There are two components involved in any ISO certification process :- (A) Consulting, Training and implementation: Done by a consulting company (B) Certification body assessment and issuance of ISO certification body: Done by an accredited certification body.

Success of the ISO certification initiative, ISO standard implementation project any where in the world depends on QUALITY AND COMPETENCE OF THE CONSULTANT you hire.

Due to lack on knowledge and limited awareness about ISO standards, a majority of the organizations are cheated and duped by unethical – ill equipped – incompetent – unprofessional consultants / consulting companies.

Because of the so called ISO consultants with “One Hat Fits All” & “Cut – Copy – Paste” approach mushroomed everywhere who claim to be an ISO standard expert with a bunch of ISO documentation (acquired from somewhere) & some ISO standard vocabulary (without understanding their importance and meaning), a lot of organizations end up losing valuable time, money, resources and efforts without any tangible benefits in terms of process improvements, productivity and efficiency enhancement.

International Consultancy Service as a worldwide leading, responsible and customer centric ISO certification consulting organization, has initiated a drive to educate companies wanting to implement and achieve ISO certification on how they should select a consulting company, what to look for in an ideal ISO consulting company, what to expect from an ISO certification consulting company and related FAQs.

Sr. No. Decision Making Parameter International Consultancy Service Other free lancers / ISO consulting companies
1 ISO 9001 compliance to deliver superior service quality? YES NO
2 ISO 27001 compliance itself to protect your information and data? YES NO
3 Established legal entity with full fledge offices across various cities to render seamless services. YES NO
4 International tie-ups with research organizations, universities and governments YES NO
5 International clients. YES

In More than 30 countries

6 Consulting team. YES

17 consultants having transnational consulting exposure with leading companies with proven consulting and analytical skills.

7 No. of clients. More than 2000 organizations in more than 30 countries 98% of the entities have less than 50 clients.
8 Employment status. YES

All full time, permanent consultants on company’s payroll.


Majority rely on outsourced consultants.

9 Competence of the consultants. YES

All the consultants are having Engineer + MBA + Lead auditor qualification


Majority are inadequate qualified with lack of competence

10 Experience of the consultants. YES

Each of the consultant with minimum of 50 project experience.


Lack of required experience

11 Customer support. YES

24 hours dedicated customer care

12 Domain Expertise & industry specific knowledge. YES NO

very few have it

13 Firm project planning & adherence to implementation schedule. YES NO

Ad hoc basis with frequent rescheduling

14 Crisp, To the point, Relevant, Practical, improvement oriented documentation designed specially for your organization by involvement of all the employees. YES NO
15 Timely project completion. YES

100 % projects completed in time

no control and commitment
16 Certification body selection. You are free to select any no control and commitment
17 Business Ethics. YES NO
18 Process improvement. YES NO
19 Pricing. YES

Cost effective pricing and huge savings from process improvement


Total effective cost is more considering time loss, resource loss and rework of process and loss of reputation and dilution of brand equity and customer satisfaction due to improper processes

20 Money back guarantee. YES NO

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We are International Consultancy Service offering ISO certification services across the globe.

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