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The ISO Doctor

Rx ISO – The ISO Doctor For your company’s ISO implementation and certification

What do you do when you or your family member is unwell.. ? Simple…you go to a doctor. Doctor will examine your health, carry out assessment and will suggest you proper medication so that you can recover and regain lost productivity and health.

Have you ever thought about your company’s ISO System! Is your ISO management system in the best of health and delivering you the required level of productivity and business benefits? For a majority of you the answer will be a straight big NO.

Rx ISO is an innovative concept by International Consultancy Service for diagnosis of health and productivity of your ISO management system like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HACCP ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 17025, SA 8000 etc in your organization and help the organizations across the world improve effectiveness of the management system.

You are free to contact us with the problems you are facing with your ISO system or any clarification you might need on any topic on any of the ISO management systems. Our Expert ISO doctors will suggest you the right medicine so that you and your organization realize the true benefits of the management system implementation and certification.

Have you ever felt that the ISO system is too much bureaucratic in nature, the system is too much documentation oriented, the system is not practical or the system is to difficult to maintain, people does not understand what they are doing under ISO compliance, ISO system does not deliver the what it promises……..and so on. These are all the indications of the illness in your ISO management system.

We offer the following services under Rx ISO – The ISO Doctor
  • Providing free online consulting to your queries and questions on ISO standards, ISO certification, ISO implementation and ISO consulting. Providing assistance to the companies across the world to improve effectiveness of the management system and providing free system diagnosis and performance review.

  • Providing improvement opportunities to the organization for identification of the areas and avenues where improvement is required to simplify the compliance process or improve the effectiveness of the same.

The basic aim is to provide a platform for all the organization either certified to ISO or planning to get certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, HACCP ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 17025 NABL, SA 8000, ISO 20000, CE Marking, Organic Certification, EN 16001 / BS 50001 or any other ISO standard.

All you have to do is, come to our expert ISO doctors. Contact us through email or the form given below, let us know your problem and leave everything to us. We will do an indepth analysis and suggest you the most optimum way to cure your ISO management system.

Our ISO doctors help your ISO system recover from illness, under performance, over complexity and improper implementation. We make sure that your organization benefits from the true implementation and effectiveness compliance of the iso standards and becomes a strategic tool in meeting your business objectives.

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We are International Consultancy Service offering ISO certification services across the globe.

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